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“We live in the UK and have had fantastic cooperation and communication from the builders throughout every step of the building of our new house. Even with and 8 hour time difference, everyone worked well and was very helpful. We could not have asked for a better team to work with us. We recommend these builders wholeheartedly.”

Barbara & Robin Scott

“We had been looking at new home son and off for several years, and never really found all off the features we wanted in a single home, but we kept being drawn to Stone Bridge Homes NW as a builder. A few months ago we walked through the model home at The Parks in Forest Grove and found the house we had been looking for in every respect. The quality of the construction, the many features, and the attention to detail are all superior. We have also found the staff to be very helpful and accommodating and the neighbors very friendly and welcoming. We can’t wait to move into our new home and neighborhood!”

Lowell & Susan Greathouse

“It’s been a year since we bought our home and we absolutely love it. Stone Bridge does a wonderful job of letting their buyers customize their future homes. If it wasn’t for them, the house wouldn’t feel like our own. When people buy old houses it feels like it belongs to someone else, so they remodel it. But when you start from scratch you choose every single detail of your home, even the handles and the colors of your doors. Its 100% customized for you. The process of customizing can become very stressful at times, but our Stone Bridge did a great job keeping us on track and not getting caught on the details. They did a great job of communicating with us as a builder to verify details and their representatives were available at all times. They are limits to some of the choices, but the builder lets you push them to your preference. Every realtor and designer will work with you to suggest many varieties of possible colors and styles to choose from. It’s an amazing feeling stepping in the house that is ready to move in, and that is built exactly the way you want it.

Their warranty team is just amazing, they not only help to fix some issues (which is usual for new home at first year), they do it in timely manner and often at weekend, beyond their working time.
I’ll recommend the Stone Bridge homes for all you house hunters out there. I know how hard it is to find something that fits you, but in my opinion it’s much better creating your dream home, rather than searching for one out there. Thanks for your dedicated work!”

Arsen Ambartsumyan

“I would just like to say thank you for the excellent service we received from Stone Bridge Homes for building our home as well as the followup warranty service to make sure that everything works smoothly and that we are absolutely satisfied with our home. Thank you so very much!”

Carl F Rindel

“We ended up choosing Stonebridge homes NW, after looking at many existing homes. All of the existing homes would have required us to “settle” for something that we didn’t want, or the perfect homes were $20,000 outside our price range; and everyone kept telling us, “it’s your first home; you won’t get everything you want.” We refused to believe this. Then, by random luck, we saw an open house sign and decided to check it out. The minute we walked in everything felt right. After speaking with Amber and Gary, Things started looking up! There were hundreds of floor plans to choose from and each is completely customizable, with beautiful & affordable upgrades. Not to mention the homes are built to Earth Advantage Silver standards, and all within our budget.

The customer service was impeccable at every point. Gary was able to accommodate our busy schedules and set all of our appointments in the evening to accommodate our work schedules. Also, he worked closely with us for weeks to find the right floor plan and upgrades to design the house around our specific budget and desires, we are very thankful for his patients and exceptional service. Eric was very pleasant to work with; he is very knowledgeable about every step in the building process, and helped us make decisions that would save us money and get us everything we wanted. Overall I am very impressed with the entire organization and I can’t state enough how happy I am that we found Stonebridge. We were able to get everything we wanted in a house and more. And we are very excited to move into our first home and begin a family here.”

Ben & Ashley Jaques – Arlington Heights

“What brought us to work with Stonebridge was really a matter of chance. My wife and I were driving around thinking about the idea of moving and we decided to come by a house that we liked in the neighborhood. The house that was for sale did not have anyone at it, but Amber Fosnaugh came out of the house next door and asked if we needed any help. We figured we might as well take look as we are here and once we were able to walk around with Amber and chat. We walked throught several houses, completed and in work, and we really like the construction and the fact that they were Silver Star Rated with high energy efficiency. Also, both my wife and I both left the time spent with Amber saying that it was a great experience and we really enjoyed the time with her. She was very knowledgeable and friendly and that really sparked our interest to look more seriously about a house.

We looked at some other neighborhoods and just did not find anything that we liked as much as the Arlington Heights area for us and our now new born son. The day we got home from the hospital we made the decision that we really wanted to get the house built through Stonebridge. We have worked with Amber, Gary and Eric at this point and they are all really great to work with. Very friendly and professional and we are truly very happy that we chose to work with such a good group of people!

Thanks for the great house that should be completed next month!”

Jake, Melissa and Austin Van Daam – Arlington Heights

“I wish to provide some feedback on Eric Shepherd, my selling agent for my new home in Evergreen Gardens. Due to some protected tree issues on the lot, Eric worked tirelessly to provide various options before ?dropping the bomb? on the need to adjust the floorplan due to the issues on the lot. Eric worked with me to customize the floorplan where possible and thought on behalf of our needs such as giving our kids the same size rooms and keeping in mind the value we put on a media room and great room. This single act of customer orientation really made the difference in our mind. My wife and mother actually liked the new floorplan Eric designed and it put us at ease to move forward.

Throughout the construction process, Eric was always reachable, accommodating and always able to explain clearly what the situation was and what could be done with requests we made. He offered opinions based on his construction experience that also helped tremendously.

We felt fortunate to have Eric represent us. While other homeowners in Evergreen Gardens expressed overall satisfaction with their Stone Bridge agents, my neighbors made it a point to tell me how they wished they had Eric represent them as well.

I also wish to express thanks to Gary Cook, who spent many hours with me showing The Parks neighborhood as I researched what type of floor plan I wanted. I hope Stone Bridge will model off of some of things Eric did that made a big impression on me that I believe most customers will want in their purchasing experience.”

Patrick Wong – Evergreen Gardens

“Many of our friends were jealous when they found out the many customizable options Stone Bridge Homes NW allows the buyer! The first time we walked into the demo home, we fell in love. We were able to choose the floor-plan, colors, the kitchen textures, basic layouts for windows, rooms, and landscaping. It really makes the buyer make their home their personal home. Getting in early allowed us to choose the lot location as well! The neighborhood is quiet and very kid friendly, schools are close by, and the neighbors are friendly and diverse! There are still lots available, so lets fill them up, come on in and take a look today!

Matthew Siemsen – The Parks at Forest Grove

“Many of our friends were jealous when they found out the many customizable options Stone Bridge Homes NW allows the buyer! The first time we walked into the demo home, we fell in love. We were able to choose the floor-plan, colors, the kitchen textures, basic layouts for windows, rooms, and landscaping. It really makes the buyer make their home their personal home. Getting in early allowed us to choose the lot location as well! The neighborhood is quiet and very kid friendly, schools are close by, and the neighbors are friendly and diverse! There are still lots available, so lets fill them up, come on in and take a look today!

Matthew Siemsen – The Parks at Forest Grove

“We have now been in our Stonebridge home for one year and we are as pleased today as the day we decided to build. We chose the neighborhood because the elementary school has an outstanding record as one of the best in the Tigard Tualatin School District. We have two kids under 7 and wanted to find an area where they could walk to school safely. We love the fact there are many families on Bull Mountain that are involved in the school and have similiar family values as we do. Our home is close to shopping and the interstates, but yet maintains a suburban feel. The absolute best part of living where we do, is the view of Mount Hood-right out our front door! Priceless!”

Leslie Sherbun – Arlington Heights in Tigard

“We love our Stone Bridge Home.

Stone Bridge planned and built an excellent community in Forest Grove at The Parks. The community layout with parks and walk paths is awesome. The use of available property was very clever and provided homeowners with larger lot sizes you cannot find in other communities.

Our home is well designed and built with quality components with sustainability a key factor. Additions and upgrades offered were plentiful, well designed, cost effective and every effort was made to accommodate our close date.

The builders walk through with the warranty folks was enlightening – they patiently showed us how to operate the components and appliances within our home and were very fast at resolving any outstanding issues.”

We would highly recommend a Stone Bridge home to anyone looking to invest.

Tracy Brazil – The Parks at Forest Grove

“We are thankful to all the professional staff at Stone Bridge Homes NW who have been instrumental in guiding us through the process of buying a house and transforming it into our beautiful new home. We are very happy!”

Dana Walker – The Parks at Forest Grove

“Our Stone Bridge home was exactly what we were looking for. It was great to be able to customize your home as you’d like. After recently moving in, it’s great to see all the pieces of the home put together. Lorren and Dan, during our final walk through, were informative and helpful, even later as questions arise, Lorren has been quick to help out where he can. The neighborhood is nice and quiet as well as family friendly. Stone Bridge’s quality exceeds those of other builders.”

Tom & Melissa Barrett – The Parks at Forest Grove

“Upon living in our home for a year, we are happy we chose Stone Bridge for a variety of reasons. The choice in design and a variety of features of the home as well as the quality of construction. The 90 day warranty was really a great asset. The one-year warranty satisfied those small details that affords confidence in Stone Bridge. At a phone call, Scott and Misty addressed any concerns that emerged. In every interaction, they have been plesant, helpful, and responsive. Scott is a talented and experienced person who can answer questions, take care of details, and identify the source of issues for those of us who are insistent, tenacious, and perfectionists. He is attentive, careful, and clean when making minor adjustments. The people working for Stone Bridge are respectful, helpful, and professional in every interaction.”

Phillip and Claudia C. – The Parks at Forest Grove

“We recently purchased a home from Stone Bridge and are very happy to say that we love our home. Stone Bridge was willing to work with us to modify the floor plan and designs to accommodate our family’s needs during the building process. We also like that our home is a green built home to the Earth Advantage specifications. The house is much better insulated than my previous home. Our neighborhood is in a great central location with excellent schools and is exactly what we were looking for. Thank you Stone Bridge Homes NW for building our wonderful home.”

Henry Li – Evergreen Gardens in Portland

“Our 90 day warranty list looks to be done and I wanted to take an opportunity to provide some positive feedback for Scott. In this line of work, I’m certain it can be a thankless job at times as many customers want items to be done “instantly”. I understand these things take time and especially contractors have to schedule warranty work amidst the construction projects that are going on as well. So first off, big thanks to Scott for handling my warranty requests very well.

Scott was prompt in his responses to my inquiries and kept me apprised of the status of each warranty fix. Scott spent the time and effort to explain to me why certain issues arose and what will be done to address them. Overall, I felt Scott was very professional and excellent at his job responsibility and cares.”

Patrick W. – Evergreen Gardens in Portland

“We found just what were were looking for in our new Stone Bridge Home. A quick relocation gave us just 30 days to find our new home in Oregon. After an exhaustive search of the area, Stone Bridge Homes NW made the short list in two different locations. Out of all the homes we looked a the model floor plan at RiversEdge Woods really stood out. It was move-in ready and fit our family needs perfectly; we didn’t have to change a thing.

We have just completed our 90-day warranty list and we are very pleased with the professional and prompt responses we have received from the warranty team including Misty, Dan, Scott and Lauren.”

Mike and Anne B. – RiversEdge Woods in Lake Oswego

“We are very pleased with our new Stone Bridge Home. The new home orientation ws very detailed and the staff was proactive in addressing minor details and answering any questions we had about our home.

We have lived in our new house for three months and have been impressed with the workmanship and energy saving features. At our 90-day warranty period we were immediately contacted and our minor issues were quickly resolved. We are extremely impressed with the excellent customer service at Stone Bridge Homes NW.”

Jason and Jenn K. – Cross Creek in Wilsonville

“We had a very good working relationship with the sales team, Jess Johnson was extremely helpful and accommodating. We absolutely love our new Stone Bridge Home. This was our fourth time to build a new home from the ground up and this time surpassed all others. Everyone involved made it happen just as we wanted and on time as promised.”

Steve and Charllene Amell – Arlington Heights in Tigard

“Stone Bridge Homes NW offered one of the best values we could ever expect from a developer! We were able to custom select virtually all elements of the home from lighting to flooring to exterior paint color, and the price was lower than most pre-finished homes we saw! Stone Bridge even gave us the flexibility to make modifications to their standard floor plans to fit our personal taste, and their experienced sales staff patiently worked with us to ensure all architectural changes were feasible and would retain the beauty and elegance of the original plan once construction was complete.

The finished home looks great, and we love how it’s built to be an Earth Advantage home, which should keep our energy costs low in the future. Scott and Misty were very helpful in making sure our concerns were addressed at our 90-day checkpoint. We are very happy with our Stone Bridge home purchase and would definitely recommend anyone in the market of purchasing a new home to consider Stone Bridge!”

Andy H. – Evergreen Gardens in Portland

“Stone Bridge Homes NW personnel were pleasant to deal with when we built our home. The sales staff were friendly and helpful. The home was completed on time, and during the construction process the sales team were diligent about covering the details. Once the home was completed Stone Bridge was timely in handling any questions or warranty issues that arose.”

Luke K. – Arlington Heights in Tigard

“It has been approximately one year since we purchased our Stone Bridge Home in Rivergrove, Oregon. The layout, design, ample square footage, and large backyard were the deciding factors in our choosing this residence. The overall neighborhood design was also impressive. We are very pleased with our purchase. From the building crews to the post-warranty work, Stone Bridge Homes NW has construction people that are knowledgeable, hard-working and responsive.”

Bruce and Marianne Bottini – RiversEdge Woods in Lake Oswego

“I’m happy to share how pleased my wife and I are with our Stone Bridge Home. This is the first house we’ve purchased and have been extremely satisfied with the quality, craftsmanship and service.

Of all the homes we considered, our Stone Bridge home provided the best floor plan to meet the needs of our growing family. We’ve appreciated the detail and thought put into the design and have felt right at home since day one.

For those looking to invest in a new home, we strongly recommend Stone Bridge Homes NW and the phenomenal staff who ensure your satisfaction.”

Matt Schmoker – Autumn View in Tigard

“We purchased our home from Stone Bridge Homes NW on May of 2010. From the beginning of the sale until our 1 Year Warranty (and even after that date) we have had very few issues considering this is a new home and the ones we have had have been addressed immediately.

One employee in particular by the name of Scott stands out. He has been more than helpful on every occasion when we have needed assistance. He has been very professional, pleasant and made sure that whatever needed attention was taken care of and that we were happy.

Another thing that stands out for us was during our inspection the inspector stated that he saw things in this home that he only saw in really high-end homes from builders in the Portland area. This really gave us a sense of confidence in purchasing our home.

Being a business owner ourselves, we think it is important to let other companies know when their customers are happy – and we are very happy with Stone Bridge Homes NW.”

Julie and Kent John – RiversEdge Woods in Lake Oswego

“We really love the new house. The floorplan is just what we were looking for with an open feel and an island in the kitchen. The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful with a park for the kids. The three car garage is great and makes a great place for a workshop. The bonus room is great for the kids with lots of room for them to play. The builders are great and always willing to help fix anything that needs fixing.”

Mark Finch – The Parks at Forest Grove

“A big thanks to your Warranty Department for having a Warranty Manager and Team for organizing and carrying out the procedures for a very satisfactory conclusion to our 90 Day Warranty list. We Appreciate all the helpful tips, skills and quick resolutions to any adjustments necessary on our new home.”

William Potter – The Parks at Forest Grove

“As a member of the Board of Directors of The Summit Homeowners Association, I wish to compliment the construction crew of the model home for their professional appearance and overall tidiness during the construction.

It was immediately apparent to us that your crew was orderly and respectful of each other. We appreciate your consideration of our homeowners adjacent to your development. Your model home is lovely and beautifully crafted, and I am sure Timberline Hills will be a success.”

Sue Palsbo – Timberline Hills in Eugene

“Stone Bridge Homes NW has a great reputation and gave us the flexibility we were looking for when designing our floor plan. We didn’t want a cookie cutter home and, with Stone Bridge, we could make the home our own. We wanted a large great room that flowed into the kitchen and that’s exactly what they built for us!”

Mike Sherbun – Arlington Heights in Tigard

“We bought from Stone Bridge Homes because The Parks community was lovely and close to our work and because we could make changes to our floor plan. We not only completely modified the master bath, but we also took out a bedroom. Eric Shepherd was our Stone Bridge Homes Construction Liaison and he was absolutely fantastic. He worked with us through the entire process and made sure we got the home we wanted.”

-The Clearys – Parks at Forest Grove

“We love everything about our new Stone Bridge Home the fantastic warranty, the space, the company’s dedication to customer service and the fact that they didn’t just build us a house they built us a home.”

-Dave Shepp & Family – The Parks at Forest Grove

“Extremely prompt in all aspects of sale, construction, service. Refreshing cooperative attitude. My highest recommendation.”

-Bryan & Laurel Luciani – The Parks at Forest Grove

“Awesome product, awesome service and great people. We are so happy with our new home”

-Sheryl Rindel – The Parks at Forest Grove

“Dan & Blake were extremely knowledgeable and responded to our requests and answered all our questions.”

-Scott & Jane Brown – The Parks at Forest Grove

“The construction supers are A++ and all the sub contractors were courteous and very pleasant to work with. I’m a very happy first time home buyer. The process was quick & easy. Walk thru was through and answered all questions. Dan was friendly and informative.”

-New Homeowner

“We are so excited for our new home in The Parks at Forest Grove! Our new home is beautiful and we are impressed by the quality, inside and out.”

-Janette Haynes & Robert Larsen – The Parks at Forest Grove

“Dan, Scott & Blake all did a great job & really made our walk through a great experience.”

- Chyishium Li – Evergreen Gardens in Portland

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